We have a very average to below average night of fights!!! I have given up on my negative ways when it comes to these lackluster cards because they always end up being much more entertaining. Maybe I was subconsciously doing the ole reverse jynx, hoping that me being douchey about the cards would make them better, but those days are behind me. Who gives a shit about 0 title implications, we have a card filled with violent human beings that are making a living off of trying their hardest to murder the person in a locked cage with them. Islam Makhachev is trying to be the next Khabib, Miesha Tate is back, Jeremy Stephens is just the worst, Rodolho Vieira is overrated, Billy Quarantillo is going to do his thing or else I cancel him, there are a lot of things on this card that we can look forward to. The biggest confusion to me is why Daniel Rodriguez is on the prelims against a nobody, that dude is ready for the next step and slowly becoming one of my favorite fighters in the division. Well that’s enough of my bullshit, let’s get into these picks.

Main Card

Islam Makhachev vs. Thiago Moisés Lightweight Bout

Like this fight has no business being a main event, but I said I will stop being negative. Something I have found that makes these fights way more enjoyable to watch when you know a wrestle fucking is in order, is to take the Dagi by decision. Imagine watching some amish looking Russian hump a dude for 5 rounds without betting on him to do that exact thing, that would suck immensely. Now I put my money on that garbage and I am cheering for it like I personally chill with Chechen dictators myself. Be smart and take Islam by decision.

Islam Makhachev by Decision -120 (Prop Line) 2 units

Marion Reneau vs. Miesha Tate Bantamweight Bout

If you think there is a shot in hell I would bet against Cupcake in her return, then you must not understand how horribly biased some of my picks are. Miesha retired on a 2 fight skid against the goat and Raquel Pennington, she comes back against a fight likely on the brink of getting cut. I think ring rust can be a thing but they are giving her a layup in her return and she is gonna make absolute mince meat out of Marion and the whole entire world will rejoice. I am being greedy and also taking her by decision because Reneau usually makes it to the judges at least.

Miesha Tate by Decision +125 (Prop Line) 1 unit

Jeremy Stephens vs. Mateusz Gamrot Lightweight Bout

I just can’t fucking stand Lil Heathen anymore. Dude is talking shit about a man he injured in a stupid push in a stare down. I understand that shit happens all the time but this guy had his hands behind his back and wasn’t ready for it at all, just fucking fight him in the octagon like you were supposed to. He has lost so many damn fights in a row, he just isn’t very good outside his chance at knocking you out. Mateusz is going to put on a clinic against this clown and win us some lovely, lovely money.

Mateusz Gamrot by 2nd Round TKO +165 (Prop Finish Line) 1 unit

Rodolfo Vieira vs. Dustin Stoltzfus Middleweight Bout

This was a more interesting position. Rodolfo Vieira is one of the best BJJ guys in the division. That being said he got submitted last fight because he has less of a gas tank than anyone I have ever seen in the octagon. Dustin Stolzfus has solid cardio and good enough submission defense to take Vieira into deep waters and pull off an upset. Hard to bet on a dude that has a round of juice in him then he’s shot. Let’s ride with Dustin.

Dustin Stolzfus by 3rd Round TKO +180 1unit

Gabriel Benítez vs. Billy Quarantillo Featherweight Bout

This is the closest line on the main card and I am pretty perplexed as to why. In my eyes, Billy should be a good bit better than Benitez. He has some quality UFC wins and a decent height advantage over Benitez. Benitez had been back and forth in his UFC career enough to keep himself around but has never taken a jump to the next level. I see Quarantillo as a guy on the cusp of making the jump into the top 15 if he can pull together another couple solid wins. I see this as a close one with Billy landing the better shots and taking control of the fight until ref has to stop it.

Billy Quarantillo by 2nd Round TKO +130 1 unit


Daniel Rodriguez vs. Preston Parsons Welterweight Bout

Daniel Rodriguez by 1st Round TKO -135 (Prop Line) 2 units

Amanda Lemos vs. Montserrat Ruiz Strawweight Bout

Amanda Lemos by Decision +110 (Prop Line) 1 unit

Khalid Taha vs. Sergey Morozov Bantamweight Bout

Sergey Morozov by Decision +115 1 unit

Miles Johns vs. Anderson dos Santos Bantamweight Bout

Miles Johns by Decision -177 2 units

Francisco Figueiredo vs. Malcolm Gordon Flyweight Bout

Francisco Figueiredo by 1st Round TKO -120 (Prop Finish Line) 1 unit

Alan Baudot vs. Rodrigo Nascimento Heavyweight Bout

Rodrigo Nascimento by 1st Round Submission -125 (Prop Submission Line) 1 unit

DraftKings Lineup:

These are some top notch picks if I must say so myself. Honestly even if most of them don’t pan out I have been great at bailing myself out with the main event. Dustin saved my life last week, hoping that Islam is more icing on the cake this week. Be smart with your units and don’t over indulge in picks you think are super juicy (cough Greg Hardy cough). That is all I got for my loyal readers on this beautiful Saturday, as alway may luck be your lady tonight!